PROPHET ADEWALE .A. WILHEIMS (formerly known as Gbadamosi Adewale a.k.a. small but mighty) is a shrewd business man, his business acumen could be said to be that of inheritance, he was born into business by a mother, an astute business woman of repute in the textile industry before the crumbling of the Nigerian textile industry, thus combining his education and as well taking tutelage in the industry, after his secondary education before proceeding further he was well grounded and stand on his own thus floating his personal company at such a tender age known as WEALTHY LANDMASS INTERNATIONAL

after successfully running and upgrading the parents’ business from an enterprise to becoming GAMIDOC NIGERIA LIMITED, majoring in textiles, both local and foreign materials.
The zeal that burns bright within him took him to diversify into lands and mines business after his international exposures, he secured a vast ¬†prospective mining site in the northern part of Nigeria,he’s also into Exportation business and doing great in all his investments until his disengagement for CHRIST’s sake. He’s someone with a Midas ¬†touch as whatever he lays hands on turns to gold, he’s such a rare gem and a blessing to this generation.