concepts of d vision

For about ten years, I tried my possible best to secure an international entry to United Kingdom or European countries, it all resulted into stagnation and failure, until the year 2000, when I got a narrow chance of entry into Europe, unfortunately the trip became truncated as the immigration personnel wasn’t satisfied with my expedition and business travelling allowance, hence entry disallowed and I became very furious, exasperated and declared some statements which unknown to me was a prophecy that will not only change my life and destiny but also that of Nigeria and Africa.

In my anger and tears I declared – “I will never again join the league of black men struggling to go overseas for survival or serve as the tail but rather it is time for me to work and strife harder for all other races and nationals to come over to Nigeria and Africa at large for their needs, survivals and businesses, and myself been the key player and a consequential factor, crying and declaring in tears because of the loss of money, pain, and the shame that followed the aborted expedition”.

Since then God began to orchestrate my steps towards Chinese and Lebanese men in big textile businesses and they began recommending me to other big shots in their network, I continued gaining grounds, fame and bigger business contracts afterwards. By the end of that same year, foreigners came to Nigeria through that network looking for responsible, and reputable businessmen in the textile business field, my partners kept recommending me, I continued penetrating and gaining more fame and building my business profile and potentials, soon they were inviting me over to China, Korea and Hongkong.

I couldn’t really define what was responsible for this unexplainable opportunities and possibilities since I wasn’t near any direct calling but unknown to me that God has called me and using me indirectly just the same way King Cyrus was raised and used by God yet he never knew God. It came clear to me it was a calling, when I made a certain business trip to China in 2004 after beating my foreign partners  target and creating a great record, when in a businessmen’s summit, I was honored and signed a One million Dollars textile contract per year with some fat and attractive packages, then God spoke to me in my five star Hotel room in China, saying “see how far I have brought you in my mercy, and how far I have helped you and still willing to help you the more”.

Interestingly, that was the night the Spirit of God told me to quit the business world for his higher calling and greater grace saying – “LOOK AT ALL THESE DEVELOPMENTS AND TECHNOLOGY, SOME PEOPLE SACRIFICED THEIR LIVES TO GET IT HERE, NOW GET BACK HOME AND I WILL USE YOU TO DEVELOP AFRICA”.

Refusing to heed at the onset and continued my businesses as usual, and I began walling myself into losses, failure and downturn systematically which resulted in my backwardness and into occult relationships. Can God be resisted by any man; certainly it is impossible, soon sunken in absolute loss and debts needing a great deliverance and help as none in the occult could overcome God for me.

On August 7th 2005, I drove a friend in my car to Daystar Christian Center for a Sunday thanksgiving service, right from the car park, the traffic control officers, the greeters and the ushers got me 50% converted as they are discharging their duties to God with all enthusiasm, by the time Pastor Nike Adeyemi will deliver her message for the day – “The Covenant Making and Keeping God”, barely 10mins into the message, I was completely bought over and I stood up to tell my friend, this is my place henceforth, and I made my vows to work for God if He can make and keep His covenant with me.

That same night, Jesus Christ appeared to me, very tall and looking most handsome in His white flowing garment defining Himself as “I am Covenant myself, making and fulfilling My Covenant with serious committed Sons.” Requesting for my hand in a contract relationship and followership with Him, I gave Him my left hand to His right hand, holding me firm with a grip the first tomb of my palm only.

He motioned forward and said “Let me take you to your place of destiny as we journey on”. On arrival before a large or rather a great gate, it opened of its own accord, but to my outmost surprise, inside the premises was an array of building estates, business arcades, shopping malls, office complexes, multiple storey buildings, factories, industries, all filled with white men and black men from all over the world, each in their offices or shops, house, factory, warehouse, bank, etc. and as they saw both Jesus Christ and myself, they started hailing – “Our King, Our boss, Our Master, Our President, Our Governor, Our Prophet, Our Bishop etc”, so many accolades, while that was going on, Jesus Christ asked me a question,  “who are they hailing ”, in confidence, I responded You of course, then He wagged His head and said nope, “it’s not me but you”, how can it be me when am just coming in here for the 1st Time and no money or any company before now.

While I was arguing with him, The people were coming to me, and Jesus Christ withdrew himself went outside the premises, closed the gate and locked me inside the premises from the outside such that I can’t gain my exit but was left in there, then I remembered His word to me again, let me take you to your place of destiny. I kept on muttering the accolades – king, president, Governor, Master, Boss, Prophet, Bishop, Pastor, and Teacher till I woke up, then I realized I have been in a vision”.

Ever since then the journey into the incubations and reality of the visions began as the Spirit of God took me up and sustaining me all through the  twelve years of Priestly, Prophetic and Apostolic separation, isolation, trainings, preparations, and transformational stages, sending me to several ministries for impartations, spiritually enrolling me into His School of Wisdom, later to the School of Faith and to the School of Engineering, posting me out to minister in various capacity as an evangelist, prophet, priest, even as a managing director in my parents company per time until the 16th of November, 2014,when I was confirmed as a Bishop and finally on 1st of February 2014 as an Apostle and my wife as a partner.