How funny and unpredictable God can be at times, to display his superior wisdom and might to dismay humanity and render the Kingdom of darkness foolish and powerless.


I was born into a polygamous Muslim and masquerade family on the 18th of April 1975. Growing up as a trained Muslim and later occult in nature; I was battling and struggling to barely survive, until I surrendered my ambitions  to Jesus Christ and a new life with Divine vision began.


The turning point came gradually into my family as my mother gave her life to Jesus Christ becoming converted and taking her 5 children to church services frequently and before long, I began preaching the gospel as a youth from the age of ten years or thereabout, this transformation led to a big fracas and separation between my father and mother as she remains unbent in her decisions to stop serving Jesus Christ and the taking of her 5 children to church services. To achieve this her aim, my mother had to go hide and enroll us (myself and my junior brother) in a primary school with a boarding facility that has Christian background and curriculum, this is where my first nickname “PASTOR” came up and the gift of revelation began manifesting gradually as an unskilled believer.


Named as Abdul-Jeleel Adewale with the surname Gbadamosi, from Ijebu-Abigi, in Ogun state of Nigeria, attended Ideal Nursery and primary school, Ifo in Ogun state before proceeding to New state High school, Mushin, Lagos state where another nickname was given to me by my Physical Education teacher as “HEAD OF STATES” and always tell me to watch out for a great leadership post in the near future.


I finished my secondary education at A-Z international school in Ajao Estate, Lagos state, crossing over to Ideal Computer College, Mushin, Lagos and thereafter to Lagos state Polytechnic before joining the family’s textile business early in life as my mother the Chief Executive Officer was ageing and sickly then, more so that my siblings too are still in school and must further their course of study.


The company then was an enterprise, but my engagement brought about a tremendous turn around and income that the company least expected, as contacts, demands, supplies and contracts came up leading to transformation of the company from an enterprise to a limited liability company and I was officially absorbed as a director with 25% share capital allocation in the board of directors.


International importations and exportations of goods was the next course I championed as I began travelling to united kingdom, china, hongkong, etc for professional trainings, contacts, contracts and businesses and thereby became a backslider and a rebel to the same God who has been engracing me as I was completely lost.


Thanks to a minister of the Gospel I met in one of my business trips to china who came from Ghana and informed me of the calling of God upon my life and God’s interest to use me mightily even globally, before this time I had gone occult and keeping occult friends for backup and support in life and businesses which were not supportive or protective at all but extortional and the robust business was experiencing downturn, losses and failure until I was brought back to Christ in Daystar Christian Center where I rededicated my life and was reconciled to Christ.


This was a sharp turning moment in my life because that same night Jesus Christ appeared to me and told me somethings about myself, making a covenant with me and counseling me to follow Him although. The zeal for his word came up as I was attending services, progressing in the Daystar Academy and loving to hear God more and longing for more of his divine visitations or revelations.


Soon a relationship was established and a time with Holy Spirit was agreed upon where he often speaks, teach or display dramatically the word of God to me at nights as he became my teacher and companion.


Afterwards, I quickly restituted my cohabitation with my one and only remaining girlfriend living together as husband and wife while unmarried legally, forcefully parting our ways and to become duly married within the next few months afterwards.


The one year leadership ministerial, bible training and teachings in Daystar Christians Center was taken together and even combined it with that of the Word of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI) same year 2007, before my soletary isolation came from God for His further trainings.

To the Glory of God we are blessed with wonderful children