As we continue developing and nuturing with the grace, anointing and provisions made available for the commission, the under listed are the fundamental platforms we must be positioned and anchored to sustainably reach and positively influence all lives irrespective of their location, denomination, religion, race or language, and to cover the scope of the commanded assignments without wasting or under-utilizing the grace and anointing given to both the ministers and the commission.

1.Ministry Of Paul Adewale Wilheims
2. Jesus Prophetic Ministry
3. Jesus For All Nations
4. Jesus Prophetic Church
5. Cabinet Of Justice & Wonders
6. House Of Prayer For All Nations
7. Edged-Gate School Of The Millennium
8. The Orphanage – Onike Centre
9. The Mountain Of Mercy
10. Nigeria+ CyberMinistry
11. The Ministry Of Stars
12. Tabernacle Of Ministries
13. Club 777
14. Body Of Christ’s Sports ( BOC- Sports)

Directorates & Departments
1. Peculiar TV
2. Peculiar Projects
3. Operation Better
4. Operation Sweep Movement

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