All Denominations

Be assured of your Covenant Supernatural Returns as the All-Bountiful God gave us His sure word of commitment—“WHOSOEVER BLESSES ME SHALL BE BLESSED”.  A state of present Continuous Blessedness.

Thanking you once again for your unreserved prayers and financial supports hitherto and looking forward to your covenant partnership walk with God in absolute obedience apart from your supports.


We sincerely do appreciate your supports in the past while the ministry was undergoing transition to maturity even when it took off as Jesus Prophetic Ministry to its present status, the little financial supports  received  which was maximally utilized to influence the lives of some less-privilege, widows, orphans and evangelize  people  who now have hope to live on.

Furthermore, your generous supports financed the evangelical awakening, revivals and restorations of the Christian faith and the reshaping of the Body of Christ in Gumau town, Bauchi state, Nigeria as we successfully conducted a 28 days revival vigil  and deliverance sessions leading to the salvation of many souls, conversion of about 207 believers to real practicing Christians and also the reformation of a vibrant prayer team comprising of 7 ministries coming together again synergetically to pray, encourage and promote the spreading of the gospel and the faith in Christ even in the very core religious communities where religious fanatics and their attacks on the Christians have almost silenced and bury Christianity.

The successful completion of this divinely instructed and executed mission on the 18th of October 2013 opened the matrix for the higher calling and greater commission never anticipated as the Spirit of God upgraded us into an apostolic ministry and as a Commission.


“2014-2019, were years packed with more impactful programs, preparations and repackaging in which the full scale ministry, arms, programs, blue prints and resources were delivered as it is today, thank you very much, may God continually bless you and multiply that wish you have.”


  1. Basic Support- Providing clean and good water, foods, clothing and communication platform to the needy.
  1. Education Support- Providing partial or full scholarship for intending brilliant but incapacitated pupils.
  1. Skill acquisition Program- Providing specialized trainings for the unskilled.
  1. Business Empowerment- kick starting the trained people with some funds or resources to start up their own business.
  1. Community Health Care- Providing the sick with necessary health solutions which they are unable to afford.
  1. Destitute Shelters- Building a safe place for the homeless to restore hope and future.
  1. Relief Supports- Supplying the basic needed materials to the agrieved people after unexpected natural disaster or unanticipated ill occurences
  1. Prisons Outreach- Providing both food and legal support to the inmates where necessary.

Interestingly, the divine platform for meeting the needs and targets of any interested and performing supporter is hereby established as you meet other peoples’ needs too, even as we have received the directives to invite everyone to support the ministry’s program and also a team of 75 people to Covenantly partner with the ministry on a regular continous basis.

Naira Only

Foreign Denominations Only