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Don’t give up, don’t give in & don’t give out to that generational or transgenerational challenge and predicament, It is not over yet but it is TIME says your LORD GOD ALMIGHTY….

  • And Now The Hour is Come To Liberate The World From All The Oppressions Of The Devil and To Heal The Land.
  • It is Time For The Imminent Change Which I The Lord God Have Prophesied Over The Whole Earth
  • It is Time for Judgement
  • It is Time for the Execution Mandate
  • It is Time for the fall
  • It is time to heal up, bind up & Build up
  • It is Time for Ecumenicalism
  • It is Time for the Revelations of Jesus Christ.
  • It is Time for The Word, The Mysteries & The Seals
  • It is time, It is time, It is time


Just a call for divine prayer & counseling is here to rescue the situation now.

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